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Myths and Truths about the Innovation Process

Innovation is all about getting new ideas.

    Ideas are cheap and plentiful. Profitable ideas? Not so much! If your innovation process starts with the
    search for ideas, you’ve skipped an important step.
You can’t impose a process on innovation because a process will kill creativity.

   Without a process, innovation will happen less frequently and less effectively. A world-class innovation
   process,such as The Innovation Workgroup System, actually promotes creativity and harnesses that
   creativity so that it adds to the company’s bottom line.
Innovation can’t be managed through a process because ideas come spontaneously.

   Great, spontaneous ideas, such as Archimedes’ discovery of the displacement principle and Newton’s
   discovery of the principle of gravity, happen only once in a great while. The world’s most innovative
   companies don’t wait for ideas to come. They apply sophisticated techniques in a formal innovation
   process to generate dozens or even hundreds of original ideas.

The innovation process is primarily about the management of ideas.

   While idea management is absolutely essential for successful innovation, it is only one element in the
   innovation process, and it is used most effectively after 2/3 of the process is already complete.

Innovation management software provides the process we need to make innovation happen.

   Most innovation management software doesn’t even support a complete innovation process, and it can’t
   create a process in your organization. Software can add great value to your innovation process, but only
   if you first design a  world-class innovation process and then use the software to support it.


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