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Our Accomplishments Success Story: Brainstorming for New Products

Success Story: Brainstorming for New Products

Innovation Techniques Produce Ideas Worth Over $100 Million
Organization: Global Top-5 IT Services Firm

Situation: The company wanted to add non-linear growth (products) to its traditional model of “bums in seats” consulting services.

Innovation Skills/Methods Applied:
Innovation personality profiling
Analysis of user observation
Guided ideation (brainstorming)

Results: Our consultant helped a billion-dollar business unit of the firm to identify a target for growth and to select the best team to come up with new ideas. We led a two-day invention workshop, using a variety of leading-edge insight development and brainstorming techniques. The client team came up with 105 ideas. Seventeen were short-listed for further development. The estimated value of the 17 ideas was far in excess of the target of $100 million per annum in new revenue.



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