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Our Accomplishments Success Story: Innovative Opportunities for Corporate Growth

Success Story: Innovative Opportunities for Corporate Growth

Innovation Project Identifies New Markets Worth 15% of Corporate Revenue
Organization: Special-interest publisher

Situation: Following 25 years of rapid growth, sales had plateaued, and cash flow had dried up. The company sought new avenues to restore growth. Management also wanted to promote innovative thinking among employees.

Innovation Skills/Methods Applied:
Strategic Innovation Initiative
“Deep Dive”
Skilled Interviewing
Analysis of User Observation
Journey to the Future
Guided ideation (brainstorming)
Rapid Estimation
Rapid, Iterative Prototyping

Results: Our consultant led the client team in a challenge-based innovation project. The team identified two untapped markets with the potential to increase corporate revenue by 15%, and invented solutions to serve those markets. The company’s board of directors approved the development and launch of those solutions. In addition, the team adopted an innovative approach to problem-solving and became competent in the use of world-class innovation tools.



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