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What Innovation Workshops are Available?
Our most popular workshop is Successful Innovation: Principles and Practices. Nominees learn a world-class approach to innovation with The Innovation Workgroup System, a three-step innovation process, at the center. For corporate managers, we offer Building and Leading a Culture of Innovation. Additional workshops are available for innovation in specific functions, such as marketing, strategy and HR, and for specific innovation methods and tools, such as skilled interviewing, TRIZ and design thinking.

What Makes Our Workshops So Successful?
Three points distinguish us from most corporate trainers. First, your associates are at the center, not the trainer. Our workshops use leading-edge practices in adult learning to assure that learning is engaging and memorable. Second, our trainers are exceptionally dynamic and interactive. They hold the attention of the nominees. Third, each workshop is customized for you. We focus on your business challenges and your desired outcomes.

What are Some Examples of “Leading-Edge Practices in Adult Learning?”
The essence of student-centered learning is that the learner, not the trainer, is the main actor. Some of the activities through which your associates will learn the material include discussions, evaluations, drawing and coloring, role playing and placing stickers on posters. At times, we have been known to hand one participant a gun and instruct him to shoot another participant. That exercise is particularly memorable!

What Outcome Can We Expect From a Workshop?
Let us stress that no one becomes an expert innovator in a workshop, and no company or culture can be transformed through one workshop. Still, much can be accomplished. First, participants learn a new way to view and approach innovation. Second, they become exposed to and familiar with (but not skilled in the use of) the tools and methods of world-class innovation. Most importantly, they become excited about the possibility of creating breakthrough, profit-improving solutions for your company. And, when you assign an innovation challenge for the workshop participants to address, you get all the innovative solutions that they conceive during the session.

What Workshop Lengths are Available?


Expected Outcome


Brief introduction to basic principles and frameworks. Limited practice.

One Day

Introduction to essential principles and tools. Several practical exercises reinforce learning. Limited sharing of table work done in exercises.

Two Days

Introduction to essential principles and tools. Practical exercises, with sharing of table work and feedback, reinforce learning

Three Days

Introduction to a wide range of principles and tools. Practical exercises, with sharing of table work and feedback, reinforce learning. Option for field trip.

How Much Does it Cost?
Kindly consult our current price list for professional fees. Taxes and expenses are extra.

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