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The Innovation Workgroup System is a Three-Step Process




   Customer Insights

       Unvoiced needs

   Technology Insights

       New applications

   Customer/user observation Customer/user observation Talking with customers will get you only so far. The way to discover the needs they can’t or won’t tell you is to observe them where they live, work and play.

    Ethnography Ethnography Your innovation will succeed only if it fits with your users’ culture. Ethnography means documenting the cultural setting where your innovation will be adopted.

    Skilled interviewing Skilled interviewing Our interviewing techniques come from the profession that specializes in getting people to reveal sensitive information. Only skilled interviewing can get you past the polite exterior to the truth behind the facade.

    Analysis of user observations Analysis of user observations Our “nuggets” method uncovers valuable information hidden in unstructured data. You can move seamlessly from observation to opportunity.

    Technology monitoring Technology monitoring Sometimes, the best invention involves applying the latest technology to your challenge. Learn where to find the newest game-changers before your competition does.

    Journeys to the future Journeys to the future The best way to prosper is to invent for the next 10 to 20 years, not for today alone. We’ll show you how to imagine multiple futures and prepare for all of them.



 Totally new solutions
     Lateral thinking
     Perspective shifting
     Prolific, guided ideation       
 Better Ideas
     Fact-based solutions

    Brainstorming Brainstorming Our proven techniques stimulate the creativity of your team to produce hundreds of ideas to meet your challenge.
    Lateral thinking Lateral thinking To innovate successfully, you must get out of your thinking rut. Using as many as 20 different prompts assures that your team will think in new directions, producing ideas that can revolutionize your industry.
    TRIZ TRIZ This elaborate innovation tool and method was developed in Russia and is now used around the globe to meet engineering challenges. We offer training by a certified TRIZ instructor.
    Clustering Clustering When your team produces hundreds of ideas, it can be enlightening to cluster them. This makes the short-listing process more efficient, and it often reveals new avenues for successful innovation.
    Rapid estimation Rapid estimation Our method and tool enables you to evaluate hundreds of ideas with a high degree of confidence in record time. You’ll get past “analysis paralysis” and start validating the benefits of your ideas as quickly as possible.
    Wisdom of crowds Wisdom of crowds Put the accumulated knowledge and judgment of your team to work through this powerful methodology. As with prediction markets, their collective judgment can guide you to choose the best ideas for development.


 Thoroughly tested solutions
   Stakeholder approved
   Value creating
   Technologically feasible
Efficient idea development
   Low cost, speedy process

    Rapid, iterative prototyping Rapid, iterative prototyping Instead of spending lakhs or even crores to build and test your innovation, our method gives you reliable data for two rupees.
    Customer feedback gathering Customer feedback gathering In world-class innovation, users are the only critics that matter. With our techniques, you’ll get their input as early as possible in the solution development process.
    Participatory design Participatory design Users are willing and able to help perfect your ideas – if you let them. We show you how to capture their ideas while preserving your confidentiality.
    Positioning analysis Positioning analysis Make sure that your innovation will succeed in the market by learning the most important message that buyers and users will need to understand.
    Experimental design Experimental design Don’t waste your money on poor market research that’s designed only to confirm someone’s biases. We’ll show you how to construct scientifically valid experiments so you can predict user behavior with confidence.
    Market testing Market testing Before you launch on a broad scale, it’s often wise to run a smaller, affordable test. We’ll coach you in designing a trial run so you can discover and eliminate any bugs prior to roll-out.

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