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What is an Innovation Personality?
An individual’s innovation personality describes how the person’s natural interests and skills match with the set of interests and skills required for success in one or more phases of the innovation cycle.

How can a Person’s Innovation Personality be Assessed?
The best instrument we have found for discovering a person’s innovation personality is a simple test invented by a Canadian Ph.D. who previously worked in one of the world’s most innovative corporations, Procter & Gamble. The test can be administered and scored in minutes, and it gives a very accurate reading with regard to the innovation personality of the test-taker.

What Percentage of People have Innovation Personalities?
Everyone has an innovation personality. Part of the genius of the test we bring is that it is inclusive. No one is told, “You are not innovative.” Everyone is an innovator, and the test reflects that.

What Does the Test Tell Us?
The test reveals precisely where in the innovation process the test-taker is most likely to make a valuable contribution. As per the model upon which this instrument is based, the four steps in the innovation process can be named Investigation, Ideation, Improvement and Implementation. These four steps correspond to the three steps in The Innovation Workgroup System – Discover, Invent, Refine – plus implementation of new solutions.

How can We Use the Results?
The test results are especially useful when assigning individuals to work on innovation, either alone or in teams. Innovation personalities can also be used to identify candidates with high potential or developmental needs. We are available to assist and counsel you in applying the test results for optimal innovation performance in your organization.

How Much Does it Cost?
In small quantities, the test can be administered and scored for Rs. 1100/-. Discounts are available for larger numbers of test-takers.


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